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Nicole. 16. Radiate positive vibes.

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41)have I pre-named my children?: no I have not
44)already answered
67)the person that makes me cry the most is: myself.
151)red-heads or black haired?: either both are beautiful
153)drunk or high?: drunk
154)hugs or kisses?: both
173)are your parents divorced?: no
180)marriage is: beautiful
200)my crushes name is: idk

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3) favorite comedian is: me.
44) one person I wish I could see right now: him.
56) favorite website: tumblr.
78) the one person who I can’t hide things from: my sissy
81)my zodiac sign is: Scorpio
92)got a piercing: yes four on my ears
109) gas prices: suck?
128) manicure or pedicure: both
157) war?: make love not war
158) gay marriage?: love is love
159) ghosts?: do exist
178)my mom?: her name is Dina and she’s cool
191) my first car is: 2013 Hyundai accent gls
193) my height is: 5’9”
195) my shoe size is: 7.5
197) my cellphone company is: Verizon
199) I was born in: jersey

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200 things you can put in my ask AKA JUST INTERACT WITH ME